Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Wash bag for hospital care package


I wanted to take a care package to my mother-in-law and thought it would be nice to put items in a wash bag that she could use for storing her dirty clothing while in the hospital.  

I embroidered a little clothesline on a piece of muslin

laundry bag

Then I used clothespin and laundry fabric following the “burrito roll” pillowcase pattern so that all the seams are enclosed.   If you haven’t seen the burrito roll pillowcase you can see a video of how to make it on YouTube:

I used the trim piece for a casing and ran a piece of ribbon thru it with a cord stop at the end so that it can be cinched closed.

laundry bag
Fill it with items to make a hospital stay more comfortable.  I like that isn’t a bulky item she will have to carry home from the hospital like a basket and she’ll have her clothes corralled for washing once she gets home. 

laundry bag

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Anonymous said...

Debbie, thank you for such a sweet gift--it made my stay so much nicer. I love your blog!
Love, Brenda