Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Repurposed ties

A suggestion for my blog from my favorite mother-in-law was for using men’s ties  in sewing projects.   A few ideas I like for using ties are in quilts, wreaths and purses.  I’ll be happy to help with making one of these.   

There are several ways to incorporate ties in quilts, two of my favorite are the Fan quilt and the Dresden Plate quilt.
 Fan quilt
 I found a nice example of a Fan quilt made with ties on the Quiltingboard website: 

Dresden Plate Quilt
The Dresden Plate quilt pattern was one of the most popular quilts made during the 1920s and 30s. It was first published in the 20s but not always under the name Dresden Plate, it was also called Grandmother's Sunburst, Friendship Ring, Aster, Dahlia and Sunflower.   The points of a Dresden remind me of little ties. 
Traditional Dresden block Dresden block made with ties
dresden dresdentie


Christmas wreath

I found this tie wreath on Good housekeeping.   Instructions for making it: 

Use a 14-inch wire wreath form from a crafts shop and 19 ties. Cut all ties but one into 15-inch lengths. Position the narrow end of first cut tie, front side up, on a section of the wreath. Wrap tie around form until pointed end is positioned as shown, hiding the rolled tie; secure with pins. Repeat, overlapping ties slightly. Flip wreath over; sew rolled-up ties to the backs of points. Pin on the uncut, bowed tie.
The Caitlyn purse which I made several of, also has a version made out of ties.   Brenda, this is the pattern I used for the purse I gave you. 
  caitlyn ties

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