Saturday, October 11, 2014

Jewels of Tennessee Quilt Show

My friend Karen and I went to the Village Quilter’s “Jewels of Tennessee” quilt show in Tellico Village yesterday. 


They had lots of wonderful quilts.   Here are just a few of my favorites: 

Grandmothers Flower Garden
This quilt was made by a lady and her mother and then hand quilted by a 95 year old.    The hand quilting was very neat and relatively tight, especially for someone 95.   I thought it was a shame that the 95 year old’s name isn’t documented, she is always just listed as “friend’.


I also love to see the quilts made by the women who are obviously artists not just seamstresses. 
Fox in the Moonlight
This artistic quilt was made by Pam George.  She first painted the fox and stones and then “thread painted” them.  Thread painting is free-motion machine embroidery.   
A Mother’s Melody
Another artistic quilt made by Nancy Kessler with branches/twigs and  feathers from her neighborhood.  She just used a zigzag stitch on her sewing machine. 

The Village Quilters had made some really neat ribbons for the prize winning quilts. Here are jus a few:
It’s almost Happy Halloween Ya’ll  and the leaves are starting to change.  Hopefully all this rain doesn’t knock them all off before they change colors. 

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