Saturday, October 18, 2014

Drop cloth slipcovers

Several people have asked to see my drop cloth slipcovers. Drop cloth makes a sturdy, washable, relatively cheap slipcover.  Here’s a chair: 

drop cloth slipcover

and ottoman

drop cloth ottoman

These were made with 10 oz drop cloths from Sherwin Williams.   I’ve found that the Sherwin Williams drops cloths are better quality than what you get at Lowes or Home Depot. 

Be sure to wash them several times before sewing because this softens and shrinks them so you can wash the slipcovers and they will still fit your furniture.   I’ve thrown the ottoman slipcover in the washer/dryer several times and it still fits perfectly. 

Even though I’ve made some slipcovers, I had these made by Cindy Reese  of Sew It Up.   She does a wonderful job. 

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