Saturday, August 30, 2014

Swim tote and blanket– work in progress

I am making this swim tote and matching blanket for Jennifer.  I got the pattern from Sew-It today magazine June 2014.   Appropriate colors for Labor day.  The tote is finished but the blanket needs the backing. Jennifer has to decide if she wants drop cloth on the bottom like the pattern calls for.  I thought it was a good idea for using it at the beach but if she wants it for the pool then terry cloth would probably be better. 

Adding the grommets and webbing for handles was easy and I think will make it sturdier.  There is a double pocket inside.  The tote has a very stiff Decor Bond (Pellon 809) interfacing so it stands up on it’s own.  That was a bit hard to work with but I like the weight of it once finished. 

Jens swimming blanket

Friday, August 29, 2014

Flower arrangements made with my Strawberry Vanilla hydrangea

I guess flower arrangements fall under the  "and More " of this blog.  Thought you may like to see other types of creative outlets also.


Our only two year old Strawberry Vanilla hydrangea that came from White Flower Farms. The mop heads (Endless Summer and such) didn't bloom much this year.  I noticed most in East Tennessee didn't.  Must have been the extra cold winter.

Free Vintage Apron pattern

I love vintage aprons and there are several old patterns that are now in the public domain, i.e. free.  Here is a picture of one vintage apron and a close up of the pattern that has measurements so that you can draw it on your own paper then transfer. 

Muslin red check apron

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Simply-a-Bloom French General quilt

I just finished the binding on my Simply-a-Bloom quilt that I made with a Moda French General  Esprit de Noel layer cake.   The pattern I used was a free pattern from the Moda Bakeshop named Simply-a-Bloom.  This was an extremely easy quilt top to piece.  I made it one row bigger than the pattern using a little extra French General fabric I had.  My quilt is 6 blocks wide by 7 blocks long as opposed to the pattern that had 5  x 7 blocks.   This made for a nice size quilt of 71 x 81  which is roughly a full bed size. 

simply a bloom quilt

Pattern at

simply a bloom quilt

I chose a floral backing that is also French General. 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Amish Quilt

I got this beautifully hand quilted applique quilt on a trip to Lancaster Pennsylvania about 8 years ago.   The little place where I purchased it now has a website: although I haven’t seen quilts quite as pretty posted on their website.  They probably sell the best at their store in Amish country.   It is all hand applique and very neatly hand quilted by Amish women. 

The pattern is Whig Rose. 

Whig Rose quilt

It has a top section that covers the pillows that I have rarely ever seen on quilts. 

Whig Rose quilt
A close-up of the pillow section

Whig Rose quilt
Hopefully you can see the close-up of the quilting.  It is gorgeous and very uniform and small.  If you click the picture it will enlarge

Monday, August 25, 2014

My favorite internet fabric stores

fabric.combox of fabric
Ohhh, I just love to get a box of fabric delivered to my front door.   I admittedly have a fabric addiction.  I need help, maybe a 12 step program. 

Some of my favorite Internet fabric sites are:

Sunday, August 24, 2014

My sewing inspiration

My grandmother  taught me to crochet when I was little and later she taught me to sew. We even took quilting classes together.  She also taught me to decorate, cook and make homemade jelly.  I received my love of sewing and all things crafty from her.  I am so thankful and lucky to have had such a wonderful influence in my life.  I miss you Nana. 


Granny’s dishcloth clothespin bag

This clothespin bag was made with a piece of fabric from my grandmother’s stash and from my granny’s old dishcloth that I cut in half to make the apron.  Not sure if it shows up in the picture but the dishcloth had light stains and they ended up right in the middle of the apron – just like granny Herrell used to wear her apron. 
dishcloth clothespin bag

Aprons, Aprons, Aprons

My latest obsession is sewing aprons.  I tend to get on a specific sewing project and make too many.   I’ve made several aprons, no two the same pattern.  Here are a few of my favorites.

aprons aprons aprons

Another style clothespin bag

Here's another clothespin bag I made.  A little different style.  It has a built in apron which I think is cute.  The apron is a pocket.  

Feedsack Apron

My first tutorial - Clothespin bag

I just added a page with a Clothespin bag tutorial.  This is my best attempt at describing how to make a clothespin bag.  Step by Step instructions with lots of photos.  It is a darling little clothespin bag made to look like a dress.  Update - the clothespin bag tutorial has been moved to Moda Bake Shop 

Clothespin Bag tutorial

My first blog

Welcome to my attempts at blogging.  I thought it would be nice to share some sewing ideas and just share my general enthusiasm for the craft of sewing.  Wish me luck and bear with me while I learn this new medium.