Sunday, August 24, 2014

Aprons, Aprons, Aprons

My latest obsession is sewing aprons.  I tend to get on a specific sewing project and make too many.   I’ve made several aprons, no two the same pattern.  Here are a few of my favorites.

aprons aprons aprons

Josephine Apron

This one was made with a free pattern from Joann’s:

My Version Pattern
DSC_0094        image 

This makes a very small apron.  It doesn’t look like it in the pictures but the waist is only about 22 inches.  I think it will fit Jennifer so I hope she likes it. 
Click here for Josephine Pattern link    

Spice it Up Apron

My Version          Pattern
Spice it up apron                              spice_it_up_apron at liveartgalleryfabrics_com                    

This one was made with a free pattern from Pat Bravo at
I lined this apron as I tend to do even though the pattern doesn’t. 

Sassy Apron

My Version       Pattern
Sassy Apron      SassyLittleApronSewingPattern_CabbageRose

I made this apron from a purchased pattern named “Sassy Apron” of course.   Geff says I am already too Sassy that I don’t need an apron to prove it Smile   I did line the apron even though the pattern just calls from hemming the edges.  I tend to prefer my aprons be lined. 

Feed sack Apron
Feedsack Apron
I made this apron from some pieces of feedsack that my grandmother gave me and from a piece that Geff bought me.  The solid lavender and the trim ruffles on top of pockets and and neck were my grandmothers.  It has a nice feel to it and is fully lined. 

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