Monday, August 25, 2014

My favorite internet fabric stores

fabric.combox of fabric
Ohhh, I just love to get a box of fabric delivered to my front door.   I admittedly have a fabric addiction.  I need help, maybe a 12 step program. 

Some of my favorite Internet fabric sites are: (  They have a huge selection of all types of fabric, not just quilting cotton.  There prices are okay but you can find items of sale occasionally.  The gripe I have with them is they have become slow to process your order.  The box I received today was ordered over 2 weeks ago. Once they mail it from Atlanta it only takes 1 day to arrive so it must be a warehouse issue.
Also, they have free shipping if you order over $35.   I have found a trick if you only need a yard of fabric.  You can order from Amazon from and the shipping is free and no tax even if it is only $10 order.  They charge about $1 more for the fabric but you save in shipping and tax. I still haven’t figured out why they don’t charge tax thru Amazon from but when you order directly from they charge tax beginning Jan 2014.  

All the remaining sites specialize in quilting cotton, that is 100 % good quality cottons.

Hancock's of Paducah ( has some great deals but their website is awful.  They redesigned a few months back and it was full of bugs.  They have been working thru the issues so maybe eventually it will be a decent site.  They have a summer special of free shipping over $35 right now and they still aren’t charging tax.

Fat Quarter Shop ( – I have recently started ordering from them and have been pleased.  They ship very fast.  I usually get the order in about 2 days.  They package the fabric very neatly.  Be sure to do a Google search for coupon codes for them.  Their prices run a little high but there is normally a coupon available.  I found a 20% off coupon on my last order.

fatquarter shop
Fat Quarter Shop

Missouri Star Quilt Company (  They have a Daily deal that is pretty good.  They are a little slow to ship but they have a huge selection of precuts.  If you are looking for a Jelly roll or charm pack, they will have it.  They have some really helpful YouTube videos with all kind of tutorials.

Pappy's Quilt store (  - you can order over the internet from them and I have but they are a little local quilt shop in Maryville that is wonderful.  I will write a separate post on my favorite local quilt stores – stay tuned. 

And don’t forget ETSY and EBAY if you are looking for an older fabric that the stores are no longer carrying. 

Here’s what I received in the box from today.  I told you I need help…



Fun Retro Kitchen fabrics for aprons:
retro fabrickitchen fabric

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