Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Amish Quilt

I got this beautifully hand quilted applique quilt on a trip to Lancaster Pennsylvania about 8 years ago.   The little place where I purchased it now has a website: http://www.familyfarmquilts.com/quilts/ although I haven’t seen quilts quite as pretty posted on their website.  They probably sell the best at their store in Amish country.   It is all hand applique and very neatly hand quilted by Amish women. 

The pattern is Whig Rose. 

Whig Rose quilt

It has a top section that covers the pillows that I have rarely ever seen on quilts. 

Whig Rose quilt
A close-up of the pillow section

Whig Rose quilt
Hopefully you can see the close-up of the quilting.  It is gorgeous and very uniform and small.  If you click the picture it will enlarge

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