Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Pumpkin pincushion -- alternately titled “Lookee Karen – another pincushion!”

I got my pumpkin pincushion out that I made last fall.   I made it using a free pattern from Sentimental Stitches and it can be found here http://sentimentalstitches.net/free-stuff/pumpkin-pincushion-tutorial/

I figured sewing with a spring flower pincushion after Labor Day would be oh so gauche, can’t have it.  The lovely ladies of Bags and Hags might disown me. 


It was very easy to make.  I used a few leftover scraps from a Moda Hello Fall Charm pack.  The Fatquarter shop still has some available http://www.fatquartershop.com/hello-fall-charm-pack  I love the Hello Fall line. 

hello_fall hello_fall1


The stem is a salvaged scrap of wool from some items I bought at the Goodwill and felted.


It is stuffed with walnut shells.  I get mine from Missouri Star but any crushed walnut shells would work. 

Goodbye Spring Pincushion, for now.  I made the flower one with a pattern we received about this time last year at the sewing retreat at Whistlestop  http://www.whistlestopquiltretreat.com/   I made one for my favorite mother-in-law too.  I need to make her a pumpkin pincushion next.


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