Saturday, September 27, 2014

Burlap coffee sacks

I am spoiled when it comes to fresh coffee in the morning.  Geff gets the coffee beans green and roasts them in small batches.  He grinds it right before making it and has it ready for me in the morning!  Here is what coffee beans look like green before they are roasted:


He orders his coffee from Sweet Maria’s and you can order (2) burlap coffee sacks per order for $2 so I had him get me a couple.  I like the rustic look of burlap and thought I could make something with them.  The first item I made was a “basket” for him to keep green coffee beans in.  
Here’s some of the burlap bags we received from Sweet Maria’s:


I decided to use one of the Coffeeshrub sacks.   I  cut open the burlap sack and then cut my basket pieces which are just a 12” circle for the bottom and a 36 x 14 rectangle for the sides.  I used some leather to trim the top and make handles.  It has a layer of Pellon D├ęcor bond 71F in the middle to make it stiff and stand on it’s own.  

open_sack materials
Here it is:
Front Back
sweet_marias back_burlap_basket

It holds several bags of beans.  I used coffee themed fabric for the lining. 


and trimmed it with leather


Bottom has a heavy cotton duck fabric:


It’s new home


Thank you for the wonderful coffee every morning Geff!  


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Unknown said...

I love the coffee basket Rasc'! That was a great idea. You're the best!