Friday, September 19, 2014

Fall Quilted Door Hanging

Kim Christopherson of designed a door hanging for each quarter of 2014 Quilts and More magazine.  I just completed the Fall version and really like the way it turned out.   In fact, I liked it so much  I made two versions, one is a little darker than the other.  I think I will give one away on my blog …  stay tuned for details. 

Version 1 Version 2
fall wallhanging 1

I decided to use burlap ribbon instead of the yellow ribbon for two of the flowers:

Close-up of Bee and Burlap flower Close-up of burlap flower with Hive button
fall_doorhanging_closeup_bee fall_doorhanging_hive

I used some felted wool for the other two flowers.  I bought an old jacket and skirt at Goodwill in Oak Ridge and de-boned them and saved the buttons.  I boiled the the cut pieces for a few minutes and then dried in the washing machine on high and it felted up well.   It’s much less expensive to felt the wool yourself using old clothing then buying it already felted.

Flower made from purple skirt  
Flower made from red jacket
fall_doorhanging_purple fall_doorhanging_redflower

Most of the fabric is from the Moda Hello Fall line. 
See my post on pumpkin pincushion if you want more information on Moda Hello Fall fabric.

I used the serpentine stitch to quilt the layers of the door hanging and made leaf outlines in the top and bottom borders.


It looks good hanging on the front door but I think I’ll hang it on an inside door to keep it clean. 

fall doorhanging

Here are the Spring, Summer and Fall versions all together:   

three seasons door hanging

I can't wait for the winter pattern,


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Comment from Karen R. - Love the Fall Door Hanging - It looked really good on your front door. A suggestion for your blog - how about quilt retreats? I have some pictures from Whistlestop that you are free to use if you are interested in this topic.

Anonymous said...

Comment from Patsy E. - This would be something totally different to put on door as opposed to a wreath

Anonymous said...

Love your use of burlap and repurposed wool. This would look great on my front door! I'm looking for ideas on quick "stocking stuffer" ideas, say like unique pot holders, dish carriers, counter pads, etc. I know there are patterns out there from years ago, but I would love updated designs! Dottie K.

Anonymous said...

Love Love your seasonal door hangings (all of them). I would love to see some place mats and napkins on your blog. Everything I've seen here I love. You are unbelievably creative! Diane W.