Sunday, December 7, 2014

Winter Window Box

Just got my window box finished, couldn’t work on it yesterday because it rained all day.  I cut trimmings on several varieties of trees and bushes in the yard.  I put so many in the window box you can’t even see it.

Christmas Window Box
Here’s the before picture.  We found this iron window box at Ironic on Kingston Pike (  It just happened to be the right size for the window.  If you’re ever looking for ironwork it is a pretty neat store.  Geff hung it for me which wasn’t easy but he did a great job, it is extremely sturdy even though it is very heavy. 

I put some twigs sticking up behind the box, 3 shatterproof ornaments, some ribbon and poinsettias.  It’s hard to get the scale of it from this picture, it's much bigger in person.

Christmas Window Box

Here are a few outdoor pictures of how I decorated the outside. I went pretty minimal this year.

DSC_1218 DSC_1298

See my puppies patiently waiting


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! RQR

Unknown said...

Nicely done as usual Rascal!