Friday, December 19, 2014

Mrs. Fugate’s Quilts

My cousin Catherine’s 90 year old grandmother Fugate made 19 quilts this year.  She made them as Christmas gifts for her family. According to Catherine “They are very well made and beautiful. Granny does a wonderful job.”   

All of this material was given to her.  She cut every square for 19 quilts.  Her son David helped lay out the quilts and she pieced (sewed) them all.  Absolutely amazing.  (Makes me look like a slacker)   
Look how beautiful she still is,  proof that doing something for your family with love and enjoyment keeps you young and happy! 
   Granny quilts

Below are pictures of a few made for family members Bonnie, Penny, Michelle and Catherine.


20141218_173423 20141218_173507
They were quilted in Jamestown by Jorene Weston.  Catherine said “she did an excellent job, best quilts granny has ever had quilted.”


Bonnies mom quilts1
Granny Fugate with her  great grandson Jaxson. Looks like they are fascinated with each other.

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Mani Barry said...

What an inspiration Mrs. Fugate is! Beautiful quilts.