Saturday, December 6, 2014

Mesh Ribbon Wreath


My friend Karen and I went shopping yesterday.  One of our stops was Hobby Lobby where I got this wire wreath form for $3.   I had some leftover wire ribbon from my Christmas trees and some mesh ribbon I had that I don’t remember what it was for.  I figured I could put my ribbon to use with this form (odd looking sort of a gadget).  You use the wire tinsel to hold the ribbon with. 


I am working on a big piece of cardboard because all this glitter makes a big mess.  First take the widest mesh ribbon and work it back and forth across the form securing with the wire on the wreath.


Next I attached the narrower mesh ribbon and then followed that with the green/red wired ribbon.

DSC_0971 DSC_0973

add some very narrow sparkly ribbon


Fluff and shape, add some fabric poinsettias and sparkly green and red sprays.  Fluff and shape some more.


VoilĂ  -  a lot cheaper than buying one already made and very easy to make.


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