Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Winter Door Hanging

I finally finished the winter door hanging that is the last in the series from Quilts and More magazine designed by Kim Christopherson of Kimberbell Designs.  Her pattern is on the right.  I wanted a little more traditional colors so varied it slightly. 
Kimberbell Designs Winter Door Hanging 102273640_600

I also added some felt ornaments to the bottom snowball blocks. 

I quilted the background with small little circles that reminded me of snowballs. 


Now I have each season of the year made. 

Kimberbell Design Door hangings

What’s this, another one …


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Danette said...

I love these! I have the magazines except for the Fall one. I have to find it somewhere so I can make them all. (Of course, I haven't started them yet.)Yours are adorable!