Sunday, November 2, 2014

Yardstick wheelbarrow

I saw a wheelbarrow made with yardsticks at Whistlestop quilt retreat last year.  I thought it was so cute and had to have one but couldn’t find one.  I decided it wouldn’t be that hard to make.

Me to Geff  “Would you mind helping me with a little project that just needs a few cuts with the saw?”      I’m just saying, he should have known by now not to fall for it...
Yardstick Wheelbarrow

I had a set of “plans”  (i.e., a picture of a wheelbarrow), a bunch of yardsticks, cedar planks from my brothers sawmill and my grandmothers butter churn lid. 


Geff did a really great job with it.  He even thought of using a wooden pin thru a dowel to make the wheel assembly.  It rolls around just like a real wheelbarrow.  The wheel is an old churn lid from my grandmothers.  The pencil mark on the edge of the wheel has probably been on there for 80 years. 



I like the look of the bark on the top so we left it rough. 

Yardstick Wheelbarrow

He’s smiling because it’s almost done, just adding the yardstick veneer. 


I’ll put waterproofing on it next weekend.  

Yardstick Wheelbarrow

Funny thing, I saw a picture from Whistlestop and I had forgotten that the original wheelbarrow was so small it sits on a shelf.  In my mind, I had built it up to planter size.   Shhhh - Don’t tell Geff. 

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