Saturday, November 22, 2014

Milky Way quilt completed

Milky Way Quilt

I just finished sewing the binding on a star quilt. It is a Fig Tree pattern named Milky Way.  I used mostly Moda Avalon fabrics for it because I like the muted colors in the line. 


 I started using Wonder Clips to hold binding instead of pins.  I really like them for binding cause you don’t get poked.  They also come in really handy for sewing the lining in tote bags. 

Milky Way QuiltDSC_0273

Cyndi Herrmann did the long arm quilting.   She put feathers in the solid squares and roses in the corners of the smaller stars. 



The first use of my new ‘Sewing with Rascal’ labels. Geff special ordered me 200 fabric labels made with the logo he designed.  I love them, but surely he doesn’t expect me to make 200 handmade items…

Milky Way Quilt

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