Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Petals and Text Quilted – OMG It’s a Masterpiece!

Judy Egan quilt

Judy Egan quilted my Petals and Text quilt and what a wonderful job she did!  Judy is a professional, reserved lady so I was amused to receive a voicemail from her being so excited, almost singing in her New Jersey accent – “ OMG I am soooo excited about this, I think it is one of my masterpieeccesss !  I would agree, it is a masterpiece of longarm quilting!  She made my quilt top into more than I ever dreamed it could be.  I found her at the Village Quilt show last fall.  There were so many examples of her work in the show that just stood out from all the others.  I  just knew I had to get something of mine quilted by Judy and am I ever glad I did.  She does custom quilting, her quilting is not computerized, she just has a God-given talent to create a design and then uses her hands to guide her Gammill. 

Judy Egan

I hope her quilting shows up in these pictures.  The pictures just don’t do it justice but I have tried to get a few close-ups below that you can click on to enlarge to see her work.  She quilted each petal set uniquely. 


Click picture to see close-up of quilting:

Judy Egan quilting
Judy Egan Leaf quilting
     I made a little label on the back on an extra petal:
  Petals and Text quilt


gibbygoo56 said...

I adore it! The text fabrics used with these petals are gorgeous! It has a vintage yet fresh look.
Beautifully done.

pink for me said...


Could you tell me how large your Summer in the Park quilt turned out?
I need to make a King sized one.

Unknown said...

Summer in the park is 73 x 84. You could probably use 2 jelly rolls of print and 2 solid and get close to a king size.