Monday, May 18, 2015

Berry Hill Bees Honey

Introducing the first jar of Berry Hill Bees honey
DSC_3602 DSC_3589
Geff just filled his first jar of honey from his own beehives.  How exciting and isn’t it pretty honey?  Okay, so it is only 4 ounces, just a little to see how the honey is coming along.  He thinks we will have several gallons in July.  It’s real thick honey from pure capped nectar.  He didn’t use pesticides or antibiotics in the hives.  I can’t wait for July and hopefully we'll have enough to share.  I found these cute glass Muth jars in 3 sizes ( 1 lb, 8 oz and 4 oz)   You know I just couldn’t go with plain ole plastic bears...    He is working on his own custom label and decided to name it Berry Hill Bees.  

Berry Hill bees Jars
Jars patiently waiting for honey


The honey posting on a quilting website falls under the category of quilting bees.   After all, bees are what inspired my logo.

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