Sunday, March 22, 2015

Quilter’s Design Wall

I wanted a design wall but didn’t have a large empty wall in my house so I decided to make a small one.  It is about 80 x 84, large enough for a twin size quilt.  It is the same color as the wall so not to stick out like a sore thumb when not in use.

Don’t know what a quilter’s design wall is…  well, it’s a vertical  wall to display and “audition” fabrics and quilt blocks when designing a quilt. They are usually made with a material that quilters cotton will stick to without pins. Typically flannel is used  because cotton adheres to it very well.   Being vertical allows you to view the design from a distance and easily reposition the pieces.  For example, I can see a dark print that looks out of place currently on the wall. So much easier to change out before it is sewn together. 

wall_before design wall installed Quilters design wall

I (ok Geff) made the wall using Insulating Sheathing boards because they are light and can be held on the wall using L screws.  It was relatively simple to make, just cut the boards to fit the wall and duct tape together. Then wrap the boards in a layer of thin batting and secure with duct tape on the back .  Finally, add a layer of flannel and pull taught then tape on the back.  

DSC_3184 - Copy installing quliters design wall
What an odd picture of Geff, his head was bent down and looks like it is missing.  He said most people wonder if he has a head anyways, falling for these projects all the time. 
DSC_3179 (2)

We used L screws to secure the flannel wrapped boards to the wall.

Wondering what is on the wall?  It is a bunch of text fabric with some petals from a pattern I found in  a magazine Scrap Quilts.  

  Cover-200px_26995 Pressed-Petals-300px

Look at a few of  these cool newsprint and text fabrics I found:

   DSC_3180 (2)  DSC_3181 (2)  DSC_3182 (2)

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