Sunday, March 8, 2015

Quilt Wizard Design

Been playing around with Quilt Wizard software.  I wasn’t ready to invest in EQ7 and found this Quilt Wizard software for about $20.  It is very, very basic but it did help me visualize an idea I had for making a sort of Irish chain with a random sprinkling of stars.  I made about 3 rows so far and decided to use a smaller middle square in the four patch block unit.   
coldspell snowbird
I am using a Moda Snowbird jelly roll and am making the stars from just one strip and some background fabric.  I had to tinker with the dimensions to get a 10.5”  block that I needed for my quilt. 
One Jelly Roll Strip

Snowbird designed by Laundry Basket is mostly blues and creams and matches my bedroom decor.  Moda has a new fabric line that I adore releasing in June named Coldspell which is also blues and creams. I’m designing this quilt as a prototype for submitting to Moda Bake Shop for use with Coldspell.  Think they’ll like it? 

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gibbygoo56 said...

I adore it! Its beautiful. I love your Cold Spell block. Gorgeous fabric. Very nicely done.