Sunday, August 9, 2015

Trunk Full of Treasures

Look at this crazy quilt I found in an old trunk at my brother’s a few years ago.  He lives in the old family homeplace built in 1897.   I suspect the crazy quilt was the handiwork of my great-grandmother Sarah Jennings Herrell.  She was born in 1876, married and lived in the farmhouse from 1906 until her death in 1939.  Crazy quilts became popular in the late 1800’s.  Crazy quilts were seemingly random shapes with needlework on all the seams. 

crazy quilt DSC_0134

Several of the shapes have an embroidered “S”  I believe for Sarah. 
I believe this maybe S for Sarah Jennings Herrell She lived from 1806 to 1869  could it be that old? more letters

This postcard block looks like S Jennings to me.  

This one looks like a letter - see the stamp in the top right corner. I can make out the S. not sure if it is Jennings ...

S for Score! Bunches of old quilts and quilt blocks in the trunk too.  There are feed sack quilts from the early-mid 1900’s.  There is a wool quilt, a denim(maybe from overalls) quilt and a few “I don’t know what you are made of ” quilts.  None of them are masterpieces but I love them because they are old and made it all the way to the 21st century with our family.   

DSC_0164 DSC_0195 DSC_0078
DSC_0136-001 DSC_0167-001 DSC_0142
This is a different long rectangular piece that is backed in paper.  There is a piece or two of newspaper but I could not find a date a whole set of these Dresden plates.  They were sewn together with a sewing machine. There was a whole stack of these blocks.  Some are on an off white background and some is light pink

 Herrell Family Homeplace  
DSC_0276 grannys

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