Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Bags and Bees

travel caseI saw this little travel case while taking an applique class from Jodi at Whistlestop Quilt.  Of course Karen and I had to make one too.  I made the first one following the pattern dimensions but didn’t have a cutting mat that small so made another slightly larger one.  Karen surprised me with a mat that fits the original pattern so now I have two!   They do come in handy for taking supplies to sewing classes.  Follow this link to purchase the pattern.

I was taking pictures of it for the blog and when I came back there were 2 boxes of bees  (yes live bees!) propping it up.  


Here’s the culprit with his new toy ”Box-O-Bees” carrying them around like a kid with Legos.


Don’t worry the bees are now safe and sound in their new home OUTSIDE and I finally let Geff back inside his house too.


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